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Today, Norm plays alongside his two Sons, five Brothers and his many Nephews for the benefit his daughter Carries' Charity. The Team Beaudin "PondKings" are a sight to see. Eighteen Beaudin's, brothers and sons, lace them up against teams like the Winnipeg Jets Legends and the Saskatchewan Hockey Hall of Fame All Stars. The eldest brother Alain (72) is the PondKings Goalie and he's still stopping pucks.

Our Canadian roots continually bring us back to Winnipeg, Regina, Vancouver, and Ottawa. Usually, our trips back home involve Charity Hockey Games or Golf Tournaments. We actively raise monies for Brain Injury Victims through our Foundation called F.O.C.U.S. which stands for Friends of Carrie Unite & Support. Carrie Beaudin Hull (Daughter/Sister) was the unfortunate victim of a ruptured brain aneurysm in 1996. She is currently recovering in Vancouver, her life has changed forever, and we all take turns caring for her needs. We are optimistic that one day she will walk again and regain many of her lost functions that were taken from her so suddenly and unexpectedly.


The Beaudin PondKings started to play together in May of 1998. The concept of an all family hockey team is probably not exclusive to the Beaudins' but we are yet to hear of a game of equal magnitude as our first one at the Winnipeg Arena on Mothers Day 1998.


The previous year in Indian Head Saskatchewan, Norm Beaudin was invited to be a special inductee into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame. That same year, in the team inductee category, the Montmartre Canadiens of 1955 were also honoured. Starring for the Canadiens were the Beaudin Brothers- Harvey, Alain, Edwin, Claude, and Aurel. It was then that the next generation of Beaudins realized that we had enough solid talent amongst uncles and cousins to ice a competitive hockey team. Pond Hockey that is!

So, in an effort to raise money for Carrie Beaudin, her recovery from a ruptured brain aneurysm, and other brain injury victims, a phone call was made to Peter Young(Winnipeg Sports Personality) and the Jets Alumni. Dave, Greg and Norm Beaudin went into full swing to organize and create the "PondKings", assemble the Jets Legends, bring in local talent like Dean Gunnarson- The Worlds Greatest Escape Artist, and Troy Westwood from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. A dinner auction was held the night before and was a smashing success. The City of Winnipeg was incredibly supportive as were the media and local business. The loss of the Jets in 96' was a major blow to the fans in the Peg' and this was an opportunity for them to come raise money for charity and see both WHA and NHL Jets skate together again. It was a wonderful afternoon, a beautiful Mothers Day for all the Beaudin Moms!

The opponents, The Winnipeg Jets Legends, were rallied together to help Carrie Beaudin, daughter of Norm Beaudin "the original jet". Spearheading the efforts to assemble a truly remarkable cast of Jets Legends were Norms teammates and friends, Lyle Moffat, Peter Sullivan, Joe Daley, Ab Mcdonald and others.

Some of the Jets Legends were: Dale Hawerchuk, Morris Lukowich, Laurie Boschmann, Lyle Moffat, Peter Sullivan, Joe Daley, Ab Mcdonald, Ulf Nilsson, Randy Carlyle, Carey Wilson, Gordie Tumilson, Doug Smail, Perry Miller, Dave Christian and more!

The PondKings went outside the family to recruit some power play punch and pond hockey firepower...The Hanson Brothers, Steve, Jeff and Jack were brought in to put on the foil and back up the Beaudins to victory. Well, with Jets like Ducky and Sully and Ab and Carlyle, the Jets still proved to be too much to handle. The Fans were treated to a spectacular show of Finesse and Follies!

...and that's how the Beaudin PondKings Charity Hockey Team was started! Who and where wil they play next?...stay tuned..sign up for our newsletter on our MyHockeyNews.